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This app allows Zoom administrators to create strong "External SSO" Meeting Authentication profiles to better protect meetings. To add Bouncer Attendee Security to your meetings please  proceed through the following guide:

Installation and Configuration

  1. Install the Bouncer app or visit https://bouncer.bak2.life/

  2. Select the “Setup a new Attendee Profile” button on the main page. This selection will take you to your Zoom account login page

  3. Login to your Zoom account as a Zoom Administrator

  4. After first login you will land on the ”Configure Zoom” page.

  5. Select the “Account Settings” link provider in step one at the top of this page. This link will open your Zoom administration site in a separate browser tab.

  6. In your Zoom administration console select “Account Settings” and scroll to the “Security” options section. Find the “Meeting Authentication Options” section and select the “add configuration” link. This step will open a pop window to complete the configuration.

  7. In the “add configuration” popup, enter a profile display name and select "Sign in to external Single Sign-On (SSO)" option as the “authentication method”. A form will be displayed in the popup. Information to complete this form must be copied from the Bouncer app.

  8. Go back to the Bouncer application. On the “Configure Zoom” page, select “copy” for each of the options listed. Paste data from each option into your Zoom Administration “Meeting Authentication Options” popup form. After all options are copied from Bouncer into the Zoom popup, select the “save” button.

  9. After the configuration is saved you will see the display name and an option to download “SP metadata” Download the SP metadata file and move to the next step.

  10. In the Bouncer application, select the “continue” button to visit the “Configure Attendee Profile” page. Then select the “Browse” button to upload the SP metadata file from your Zoom configuration.

  11. After upload is completed you will move to the “additional options” page. Here you can enter a list of email addresses in the “Allowed Email” field to limit attendee meeting access based on email. This step is optional for additional security. Select save to complete the configuration.

  12. Your new security profile is now available. When scheduling a Zoom meeting, under Zoom “security” options select the “only authenticated users can join” checkbox. Then select your new profile from the dropdown menu and save. All users will now require email address verification before attending.

  13.  To add additional authentication features to your Bouncer profile, visit the Bouncer app “Attendee Profiles” page. Select the “edit” button next to your profile name. Here you can enable verifiable email credentials or edit your allowed email list for this profile.

  14. On subsequent logins you will land on the“Attendee Profile” page. To create new profiles, select the “create” button.

  15. Enter a name for the profile in the “Display Name” field, then select the “create” button to visit the Configure Zoom page. Then repeat the configuration steps outlined above.


After configuration is complete your attendee security policy is ready to be added to your Zoom meetings. To use your attendee security policy, visit the Zoom administration site and schedule a meeting.

Under scheduling options find the “security”settings and select the “only authenticated users can join” checkbox. Then select your new attendee security policy from the dropdown menu and save the meeting configuration. All attendees for this meeting will now require email address verification before attending.

Just share your Zoom meeting link the same way you do today. When attendees join the meeting they will automatically be prompted to verify credentials before entering the meeting.


Remove Profiles from Zoom

NOTE: It is possible that some of the profiles listed in Zoom are not associated with Bouncer. Do not accidentally delete a profile which is not associated with Bouncer.

  1. As an admin of your Zoom account, open the Account Management section and select Account Settings.
  2. Under Security, find the Meeting Authentication Options.
  3. Check each listed profile by clicking "Edit". 
  4. If the "Sign-in page URL" starts with "https://bouncer.bak2.life/sso/", delete the profile.

Uninstall the App

NOTE: If the app is uninstalled and the profiles are not removed from Zoom, attendee join will fail for any meeting on your Zoom account which is scheduled with a Bouncer profile.

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the “Bouncer - Event Attendee Security” app.
  3. Click the “Bouncer - Event Attendee Security” app.
  4. Click Uninstall.

Uninstallation and deauthorization will automatically remove the Attendee Profiles from Bouncer.

Contact Support

If you experience any issues or have questions with configuration or usage of the Bouncer Event Attendee Security app please visit our support service desk at https://bak2life.freshdesk.com/ to submit a support ticket. Our engineers will provide a swift reply to help resolve your issue or answer any questions.